Wadsworth, oh

Wadsworth, oh

Wadsworth, ohWadsworth, oh


Coppertop's Trill of a Lifetime CD MH WCX CCA

Dax is from our dear friends Steve and Terry Southard from California.  They also bred our beloved Kirk.  Her nickname is Miss Swishy Butt because her tail is always wagging -- even when lining up for blinds.

What can I say about Dax?!  She has been simultaneously the most rewarding and frustrating dog I have every trained.  She is the most independent of our dogs and she does not like making mistakes.  When she was young I almost washed her out of field training because if she was confused or afraid she would just freeze or quit.  On the other hand, she has always been a very good marking dog.

In the end, her marking ability, love of field work and my unwillingness to give up on her paid off.  After a rocky beginning to her Master career, she has become my most consistent dog.  Along the way I learned to be a much better dog trainer and, in many ways, to respect Dax more than any other dog we have owned.