Wadsworth, oh

Wadsworth, oh

Wadsworth, ohWadsworth, oh


Coppertop's Captain Kirk CD MH WCX CCA VC

Kirk was from Coppertop  kennels in San Jose, California. He came from strong field and obedience lines and was an outstanding example of a multipurpose Golden.  He was a handsome, intelligent and hard working boy who loved to pick up birds during the day and spend his evenings curled up on the rug in front of the TV. He was the first dog Ann trained and handled in field events, and she did 100% of his training and handling. He earned the 5 legs required for his MH in 8 attempts (finishing with 3 straight passes).  He was a strong water dog with a spectacular water entry. He was extremely birdy with a high drive to retrieve, but handled birds tenderly. He was an exceptionally easy dog to train -- quick to learn, and responsive to both praise and corrections. He was a real team player with a stylish and confident attitude.  With limited training, he earned his CD in 3 shows with 2 first places in Novice B. 

Perhaps Kirk's best trait was his temperament.  He had a playful and clownish personality at home and loved every adult and child he met, but was very serious and attentive when working.  He got along well with other dogs, including intact males.  He never showed any signs of aggression and had a "live and let live" attitude.

Before his sudden and early death from cancer, Kirk sired three litters.  In this limited breeding, he came within a hair's breadth of earning the GRCA Outstanding Sire designation.  Among his offspring were MACH, SH, UD, CCA and ADHF titles.  Kirk was Ann's "heart dog" and she misses him every day.