Belvedere's Angelino D'Oro UD SH WCX


Misha was our first dog and our most special boy. He was from Mercedes Hitchcock's famous Belevedere kennel in Texas.  Misha had a generous Golden  heart that let us make a million mistakes, but he always tried his hardest to  make us look good in competition. Mike did 100% of Misha's training and they  earned their Senior Hunter titles in straight tests. In hunt tests he always had  the highest scores in marking and trainability. He also excelled with Ann in the  obedience ring. He went from Novice A to UD with scores above 190 on all legs.  Before he retired in 1999 he earned 4 UDX legs, two high in trials (one from  Open B the other from Utility B) and a handful of OTCH points. Above all he was  a beloved family member.