Emeline's One Hot Vulcan SH WCX

Spock is the latest addition to team fluffy.  He is from Mary Hilderbrandt (Emeline kennel) in NY. Spock is the result of an AI breeding and his father, Riley, had been dead for over 12 years when the litter was born!  Like Worf, Spock has some very nice old field lines behind him including Pardner and Ki.  His great grand-dam is Lily (Gaylan's Firefly's Golden Glo) who is one of the most impressive dogs we have ever known.

Spock is probably miss-named.  Unlike his namesake from Star Trek, he is a very affectionate and goofy boy when not working.  In the field, he is a VERY good marking dog and extremely biddable and confident.  

Spock should be running Master tests, and maybe Quals in Summer 2018.