Wadsworth, oh

Wadsworth, oh

Wadsworth, ohWadsworth, oh


Top Flight's Cayuga Klingon CD MH NJP OAP WCX

The best way to describe Worf is FUN.  He is crazy smart, super fast, and extremely responsive.  Training and handling him is like driving a fine sports car -- fast, flashy and fun, but you have to stay on your toes!

Worf is from Top Flight kennel in Wisconsin.  His sire is the incomparable "Rugby" (AFC Emberain Rugby) and his dam  goes back to the classic field lines Tigathoe and Kiowa.  He is a handsome red boy with a very expressive face. He flew through his field training, earning his MH easily.  His biggest weaknesses are a tendency to overrun marks and sometimes trying to take charge on initial lines in blinds.  He loves -- to the point of obsession -- water.  

His agility titles are the work of a good friend who has put advanced agility titles on Rotties.  She decided Worf would be a fun dog to run in agility.  Worf really enjoys the agility game and is much faster than a Rottie!